VIVANT CHISS is a law firm specializing in labour law and serving Corporate clients.

With more than 20 years of professional experience committed to meeting the challenges of its clients, the firm has developed an innovative and ambitious approach: providing seamless labour law services through its network of experts and entrepreneurs established over this period, sharing and accompanying the challenges of its clients and specialising in the transformation of companies.

In addition to its technical excellence for which it has consistently received awards from professional panels and its audaciousness and responsiveness, shown by the loyalty of its clients, the VIVANT CHISS team offers creative, appropriate and integral solutions, using their new model.




Counsel and litigation

  • restructuring
  • labour relations (management of employee representative bodies, electoral litigation, work organisation, risk prevention in the workplace, hygiene and safety, etc.)
  • collective bargaining
  • crisis management
  • criminal labour law
  • remuneration, employee savings, employee share ownership plans
  • individual work relations (HR counsel, hiring, contracts, holidays, leave, illness, training, termination, etc.)
  • corporate support (assistance in mergers & acquisitions / audits, due diligence, management of labour aspects of proposals and their implementation)
  • social accompanying measures for companies in difficulty (safeguard, recovery and liquidation plans)
  • accompanying of directors
  • risk prevention in matters involving the french social security administration (URSSAF), litigation and auditing assistance
  • social protection and complementary social protection
  • international mobility and international private labour law
  • public labour law (assistance in labour administration relations, state liability, public labour law litigation)
  • maritime labour law

Professional development


VIVANT CHISS regularly conducts training sessions in all of its fields of specialty directly for its clients or through VIVANT CHISS FORMATION, its authorised training agency.

\ Training & Symposia

The lawyers of VIVANT CHISS regularly contribute to the training of law students, particularly through post-graduate (masters 2) training programs specialising in labour law at law schools such as the University of Paris I – Panthéon Sorbonne, the University of Paris II – Panthéon Assas, the University of Cergy Pontoise, the Lille Catholic University – Faculté libre de droit – Paris campus and the Bar Admission School of Paris.

The lawyers of VIVANT CHISS also participate in numerous symposia organised by universities, chambers of trade or training centers.

\ Morning labour law discussions

Every month VIVANT CHISS organises a discussion breakfast focusing on a current event (legislative reform, legislative developments, etc.).

\ Dedicated training

VIVANT CHISS regularly conducts training sessions on themes chosen by its clients based on their needs (“management of employee representative bodies”; “crisis management: sit-ins and strikes”; “developments in health, safety and working conditions obligations”; “hiring”; “implementation of domestic and international mobility policies”; etc.).

\ Coaching

VIVANT CHISS offers personalised coaching to directors on an ad hoc basis, in the case of new organisational proposals or crisis management.

Current events

Jan 2017 \ Morning labour law discussions

Health at work: new provisions applicable as of 1st January 2017


uary 2, 2017 - Erwan Jaglin

PSE : désignation de l'expert du CE

Seamless labour law services


\ Vivant Chiss, an organising team of lawyers, specialised in labour law.

As lawyers, we guarantee the legal certainty of our solutions and the protection of information. Our contributions are protected by professional secrecy guaranteed by article 66-5 of the law of 31 december 1971.
As legal experts, we are committed to our clients and assist them in every way including before the courts in defending our solutions.
As practitioners, we speak the same language as our clients. We work with their teams to manage their projects and develop pragmatic solutions.
We believe that labour law is only limited by the entrepreneurial vision of the company’s director shared with its employee representatives, in compliance with the company’s social contract.

\ Vivant Chiss, seamless labour law services

With more than 20 years experience in corporate labour law, and together with expert-partners in change management, we have developed strategy expertise including the implementation of solutions offerred to clients.
The seamless labour law services approach is an innovative entrepreneurial mechanism providing support to companies through a team of recognised experts, with complementary skills, and who are accustomed to working together.

Our goal

To propose and implement global solutions, balancing the means and risks stakes of the company.

Our approach

Our action is based on the search for progress and company performance.

Our method

Seamless, it guarantees a cross-disciplanary, efficient, innovative and pragmatic approach, thanks to additional stakeholders who are not in competition with each other.
The mission begins with a flexibility audit, conducted using an assessment grid, resulting in the allocation of a flexibility manoeuvrability index upon its completion, and on which solutions are based and recommended.

We provide a team of experts, whose choice depends on the recommended solution and its implementation schedule.
We guarantee the confidentiality of all information exchanged.

Our team

Our lawyers guarantee the legal certainty of the solutions recommended by them, and are independent expert-specialists driven by a desire to lead the company towards the most appropriate solution.


Regular information, experience-sharing, and discussion seminars are held, enabling the members of the team to improve their knowledge, and enhance the innovation and creativity of the solutions offered.

Seamless expert advice

  • corporate legal services (corporate, tax, IP/IT, criminal, public, competition) in accordance with labour law, and labour and institutional relations ;
  • strategy, accompaniment measures for transformation, transition management, company mergers, downturns ;
  • talent management, HRM, quality and training ;
  • communication, crisis management, media training ;
  • mapping, risk prevention and management by process and organisation ;
  • monitoring and territorial mediation of complex projects, alternative economic engineering, institutional relations ;
  • mobility, redeployment, repositioning coaching

“Our goal is to build relationships with our clients. Creativity and innovation are based on trust and loyalty.”

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Each year we recruit junior or seasoned associates who share our values of creativity and responsiveness. We are committed to our lawyers and provide them with knowledge and know-how. Our partnerships with universities also enable us to hire trainees throughout the year.

  • Post-graduate Master II in labour law, French business law (DJCE) program, Institute of political studies (IEP)
  • Leading french business schools (Grandes écoles de commerce)
  • Bar admission certificate (CAPA) or successful completion of CRFPA exam (set by the regional professional training center for lawyers)

A command of the english language is required.

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